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Television, music, film, books, comics, graphic novels, games and all the things that make us squeal with happiness. Junk food for the soul? Maybe. Who cares.

Listen to This

Ryan Adams – Ryan Adams

Sondre Lerche – Please

Strand of Oaks: Heal

Tuatara: Underworld

…and don’t miss

Joseph Arthur: Lou

This really has to be heard to be believed. Joseph Arthur is a New York musician and songwriter and quite possibly the true heir to Lou Reed’s tradition. He and Reed became friends, riding their bikes throughout the city. After Reed’s death, Arthur was asked to do a tribute album. He refused. And then began to work on it anyway. This is teh result.

My laughs are pixel-shaped

There’s only one reason that Diesel Sweeties isn’t the funniest thing on the internets. It’s because Diesel Sweeties creator Richard Stevens is at his funniest on Twitter. Carve out a few hours and read both his comics and Twitter stream for free.

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