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James Gathright

A creative professional in Fresno, California, James makes his living as a designer, copywriter and concept creator. Outside of the work environment he pursues art in other ways, including photography, poetry and fiction writing. He believes in the hard-art/pop-art balance. It’s possible to love both literature and comic books. Ballet and baseball. Shakespeare and Joss Whedon. When a few of those things cross over he is in pure heavenly joy. James is married to Patt Castro, whose bio you’ll find a couple of doors down.

Elizabeth Castro

Liz Castro is a visual-effects and editing professional from the Los Angeles area. She has worked in both film and television, including shows with the words “Star Trek” in their name, as well as LOST and several other things that you have probably watched. But why should we list all that when IMDB has already done it for us. We know that everyone in Hollywood is a writer, and lucky for us, Liz is one of the good ones. Because it needs to be said again, Liz isn’t, in any obvious way, related to the other Castros who write for us. See the explanation on the bottom of this page.

Patt Castro

A holistic health professional in Central California, Patt has spent her working life helping others. She has been an educator in a domestic violence shelter, an educator in an accredited museum, and an educator with school-aged children. She’s here to teach us a few things too, from the pleasures of a simple life, to ways we can balance our energies and reach deeper into the heart of the universe. Patt is married to James Gathright, who really has nothing at all to teach us, but talks a lot anyway. She is not related to this <—— Elizabeth Castro, but does have a sister named Lizz Castro, which is bound to get confusing sooner or later.

Bruce A. Smith

Bruce is the author of the books The Path of Reason and Fun With Stuff. He lives in Southern California and makes his living writing code few of us will ever understand. A proud member of MENSA, he may be the smartest guy you’ve never met. You’ll see his wit in his poetry, and we hope that someday he’ll grace our pages with The Tales of Kitty No-No. Only time will tell. Bruce can be found online here.

…and more soon.

We are gathering creators now and hope to have an unruly menagerie of them for you to pet. Maybe an illustrator or two, more photographers, loads of writers. There’s been talk of theater, and scripts for the theater. Animation would be lovely. Anyway, please keep checking back.

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