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Q-City is a serialized science-fiction story written by James Gathright. It is published here in several parts.

An accident in another universe transforms a rural city into a living entity determined to protect a populace it’s never met. An aspiring florist is expected to become the conduit between the living city and its new people. An artist is tasked with solving the mystery of how this all came to be. A retired police officer defends adventurers in a universe she no longer understands.

The world watches – nervously trying to figure out how, in the blink of an eye, Fresno, California became the most interesting place on the planet.

James Gathright shares an interesting tale set in his hometown (sort of). It examines communal self-understanding, expectations, and power structures. It pits an utopian ideal against a place that has, shall we say, well-known image problems. And it shows us that people from all walks of life might just have what it takes to rise up and save the day.
Published Chapters
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