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Image and Word looks forward to receiving submissions in the near future. For a (very) short time all submissions are by invitation only. Once we are well on our feet we will open the submission process here on this page. We plan on accepting:

  • Short Fiction
  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Entertainment Articles
  • Reviews (Books, music, film and theater)
  • Tasteful Video
  • Well-Considered Opinion
  • Some things we haven’t even thought of

All submissions will be curated, please don’t feel bad or insulted if we do not accept your work, and for god’s sake, keep trying. All work will remain the property of the creator. Image and Word will make no attempt to protect your property and has no responsibility if it gets lifted from our site. We are working under the premise that this is the internet, and if somebody wants your work, they’re going to take it. Hopefully they have the respect to credit it to you. So if you submit, do so with the understanding that you are sending your work out into the world for free.

Speaking of free, there’s no monetary gain in this for any of us. We won’t be the kind of site that will pressure anyone to submit work that they don’t want to give away. We will be totally honest with you about our intentions. This is a sharing place. We completely understand that professionals, people who make a living with their craft, will probably not be interested in posting here. We support those people in everything they do. If you like their work, you should go buy it.

There will be professionals here, though. Sometimes giving and sharing is just as good now as it was in kindergarten. So put a red star on the page and call us the People’s art site if you want, that’s how we’re going to do it.

We’ll change this page when we open the submission process.

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