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The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour is a serialized travel memoir written by Elizabeth Castro. It will be published here in several parts

Sex in the City meets Jack Kerouac, travels Europe and writes a memoir. That’s the best description I have for Elizabeth Castro’s mostly-true travel memoir. She has the reckless, rambling writing style of a Kerouac, with the same no-subject-is-off-limits ethos. Her story spans decades in a single paragraph, but makes complete sense in a way that only true free-spirits understand. Liz is a native Angelino who grew up in the sixties and seventies, and came of age in the eighties. Those three decades saw an explosion of respect for the arts and artists, and sent many dreamers like Liz tumbling out into the world. Those dreamers now find themselves in a new, more sober century, with an entirely different world to conquer. For the ever-young Ms. Castro, however, all these years and all the adventures bleed into one as she stuffs her luggage, downs one last American cocktail, and heads out to prove that all roads do, indeed, lead to Rome.

A note about the Castros: There are a handful of Castros currently writing for Image and Word, and not all of them are related. In fact, there are probably going to be two different Elizabeth Castros contributing at the same time. This Elizabeth Castro is the stand-alone variety, not related (in any direct way) to the other Castros. She and the other Castros are not related to Fidel Castro (in any direct way), Tommy Castro (that we know of), Princess Camilla (The Duchess of Castro), or most of the other millions of Castros in the world, all or any of whom could potentially contribute to Image and Word. Until someone identifies the original Castro. Then all bets are off.
Published Chapters
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