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  |   Poetry
by Bruce A. Smith

I want to be the only guy

in an all girl band.
I want to leave my footprints
in the shifting sand.

I want to lose my life so
I can live forever.
I want to be specific
about whatever.

I want to come in second
and win the game.
I want to be different
but exactly the same.

I want to open my mind
to a narrow point of view.
I want to be the anonymous man
in the book of who’s who.

I want to listen in silence
to a beautiful song.
I want to hold you forever
long after you’re gone.

I want to have everything
but not the rest.
I want to crash a party
as an invited guest.

I want the past tomorrow.
I want joy in my sorrow.

And I’d like you to be there
when I do what can’t be done,
holding hands in the moonlight
in the setting sun.

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