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We think about things. We look for meaning in questions, not just meaning in answers. We value experience as individual, very unique. Your world is different. Our  world is different. Each of our writers and artists lives in a world of their own creation. Because…

One-world thinking is naive. Heraclitus said that you can’t step in the same river twice. Likewise, you can’t see the same world through different eyes. Experience paints your world, creates your world.

Everything written here is a letter from a different place, the author’s world. It’s all fantasy, it’s all true.

It’s travel to someone else’s planet.

An opinion may show a perspective similar to yours, resonating. “Their world is like mine,” you think. You like that.

Or it could repulse you. “Their world is different, awful. I’m glad I don’t live there.” Sometimes an opinion stirs “…their world is wrong, my world is right.”

Ideologies, belief systems, and opinions. Worlds at war.

And peace.

This magazine takes place in the arena of thought, so almost all perspectives are welcome. We do, however, require certain boundaries. There are some worlds that we don’t want to visit. Misogyny, racism, calls to violence, and ugly hatred are things you shouldn’t see here. The list is longer, but you get the idea.

There is fiction, there is opinion, there is documentary, there is artwork, there are reviews. There are personal-philosophy treatises. There are pieces on religion, atheism, art, music, DIY tips, parenting, living single, age-influenced, gender-perspectives, low-brow pop love, high-brow culture love, and more, because we love it all. That’s the caffeinated world we see when we look out of our eyes. What do you see?

Needless to say (because we’ve kind of already said it), the opinions of the authors are not necessarily the opinions of the publication. Sometimes they may be, a lot of times they really, really aren’t. So if you don’t like something you read here, bitch at them what wrote it. That’s what we’re going with. Everybody good?

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